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SAP(Systems applications and Products) packaged applications undergo thorough testing but the recent market trends have experience a spiked need to make sure that the SAP packaging itself needs a lot more attention in terms of being tested for accuracy, portability, efficiency, reliability etc. Therefore, a career is SAP testing has an unparalleled demand in the QA circles.

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SAP testing can be performed manually or can be accomplished by various specialized SAP testing tools available in the market. SAP packaged applications are customized to suit the needs of the businesses acquiring them and this needs a lot of insights into the SAP process itself to make sure this endeavor is successful.

Our SAP testing course is targeted at making the participants proficient in the basic to advanced topics of the SAP testing.
Functional, performance, business adaptability of the SAP systems is deeply analyzed through this course.
We also make sure that we impart knowledge on the industry standards, common best practices, challenges and how to overcome them.
At the end of the day, it is all about the business. Therefore a majority of our focus is going to be on how to make sure that the current systems and processes are in line with the business goals.

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Features of our SAP testing course :

A strong, all-inclusive curriculum that focuses on SAP basic concepts, SAP testing basics to all the most intricate and complex topics.
The tools and processes that are part of SAP testing
Live teacher led virtual classroom training that focuses on participant interaction and communication
Offline query resolution support via email or chat
Study material to make the learning experience complete
Resume, job and interview guidance
Recorded session to make reviewing easy
Hands on assignments for thorough understanding of concepts
Practical real time examples

Our SAP Testing Training Online Syllabus Topics:

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